Kingo Root

Kingo Root

Kingo Root is also known as Kingo Android Root. The app is designed to Root Android devices and it is among the best one-click Android root software. It supports most Android devices and it will automatically recognize your Android device. The app is more reliable than other rooting apps and it does not have cases of bricking phones if you do it correctly.

The kingo Root app is an app that will help Android users to install apps that are restricted and yet helpful to Android users. It will also help you to backup your data in the cloud in case you lose or change your phone. A user will also be able to change the skin of your phone, too many exciting options that will match your emotions or theme.

Features of Kingo Root

  • One-click root-the Kingo Root is the leading One-click root for millions of Android users across the globe. Turn on USB debugging before rooting.
  • No more ads-the Kingo Root is an ideal app for accessing ad-blocking apps that are not available for unrooted devices.
  • Uninstalls preinstalled apps that are not helpful-the Kingo Root app is a perfect app for removing unnecessary apps that the manufacturer has not given options for uninstalling. This will provide space for more necessary apps that a user prefers.
  • Improved performance and battery life-the app will help users to stop apps that run in the background eating up on your battery life.
  • Works offline-unlike most rooting apps the Kingo Root can work perfectly offline.
  • User friendly-the interface of the app is simple and recommendations are offered for users. The app will also access all root needed applications and this is just great.
  • Experience the latest updates/ROM-Kingo Root is the ideal app to find the OS you like after rooting your device. You will always be ahead of other Android users.
  • Ability to unroot-the app has an option for un-rooting that works perfectly.

Tips and Tricks of Kingo Root

Precautions before rooting

A user should always make sure their Android device has more than 75% of battery life before rooting. This precaution will always make sure your device will not run out of battery and turn to brick. A user should also backup data in case you fail to root your Android. Most of the necessary tips in the app are offered in a great recommendation style that will not leave users guessing.

Enable USB debugging before rooting

The Kingo Root app is easy to enable USB debugging for a safer experience. Simply go to settings, tap build number 5-6 times. After you get a toast notification that you are now a developer you can be able to see the option of USB debugging. Go to settings, developer options and tick the check box for USB debugging.

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Kingo Root

Kingo Root

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Uninstall the app:

1. Go to Settings menu;

2. Choose Apps or Application manager;

3. Touch the app you want to remove;

4. Press Uninstall.

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